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NEWS: Buying an Estate Diamond, winter 2019

Buying an estate diamond can be a tricky thing but here are some tips:

  • make sure the diamond is out of mounting
  • take diamond to a registered appraiser don’t try and eye-ball it yourself because you won’t have the equipment and expertise
  • check pricing with, I find that they have pretty good pricing for the average diamond buyer, but expect to pay at least 30% less than bluenile because you have a “used” diamond
  • always negotiate the price with the buyer and use cash when you can
  • there are diamonds, simulants, enhancements and lab grown diamonds, none of the pricing is the same
  • if it is at auction be careful because stones in jewelry can be difficult to see, especially if there is damage, if there is a GIA or other report please look at it carefully and make sure it is a reputable report
  • Happy Hunting!


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